Medical tourism report

Considered to be the direct impact of globalisation of healthcare, medical tourism certainly exhibits strong growth potential globally. The study includes drivers and restraints for the diabetic retinopathymarketal Healthbase medical travel, an award-winning medical tourism facilitator in USA, is the trusted source for global medical and dental choices, connecting patients to leading healthcare facilities worldwide.

Latin America-Caribbean[ edit ] Latin America-Caribbean is the fourth largest region for wellness tourism in terms of number of trips and expenditures. The hospital offers state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic, and intensive care facilities with over inpatient beds spread over 30 specialty centers and a capacity of 5, outpatients per day.

For others who have lost their group coverage due to retirement, the surgery or procedure they need may not be covered under the Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits. In the first hospital we collected data on approximately outpatients who visited 19 different physicians in various departments orthopaedics, neurology, gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery, cardiology, otolaryngology and internal medicine.

It involves about 50 countries in all continents and several Asian countries are clearly in the lead. Healthbase's customizable software platform, tools and services are being offered to providers, employers, and insurers in USA and abroad.

At present, patients seeking cancer treatment are the highest contributors to the global medical tourism market. And in many instances, these foreign facilities actually surpass western hospitals, as evidenced by Costa Rica.

He said that the inspection would correct the wrong impression in online news that the hospital demanded police report before taking the necessary action.

Over 71 percent of hospital costs are labor related according to a recent World Health Organization report which helps to explain some of the cost advantages for countries with low labor costs. If you are a Baby Boomer you do not yet qualify for Medicare or Medicaid for your urgently needed surgery.

In general, revenues from either medical services or tourist activities include the costs of services and materials, some of which, especially new drugs and advanced equipment, are imported.

Global Medical Tourism Market Insights, Forecast to 2025

Money is a powerful incentive and medical tourism brings in revenue that is appealing to both governments and the medical tourism facilities, which keeps the entire industry competing for patients.

Moreover, medical tourists tend to seek more intensive and costly treatments than other foreign patients, as a result of which their effect on the country is more profound.

Criticism[ edit ] Wellness tourism advocates suggest that vacations improve physical well-being, happiness, and productivity, citing that health-oriented trips give travelers a fresh perspective and positively affect creativity, resilience, problem solving, and capacity for coping with stress.

The cost of treatments varies from country to country but are relatively lesser than other developed countries of the world. While India broadly secures 1, Israel ranks 1 in the quality of services and facilities.

The hospital offers various treatments which include visceral surgery, gastroenterology and interventional endoscopy, oncology and palliative care, psychotherapy, thorax surgery, trauma and reconstructive surgery, cardiology, neurology, nephrology, ophthalmology, urology, plastic and cosmetic surgery, radiology and neuroradiology anesthesiology, physiotherapy, and many others.

Secondary wellness tourists constitute the significant majority 87 percent of total wellness tourism trips and expenditures 85 percent. This research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data and statistically-supported and industry-validated market data and projections with a suitable set of assumptions and methodology.

Being one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations, it offers wide variety of procedures at about one-tenth the cost of similar procedures in the US. Medical Tourism for Elective Surgery: This could be attributed to the surge in cancer prevalence throughout the world.

Angela Igwetu In a video presentation to support its claim on Friday in Abuja, Dr Ibrahim Wada, the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, said the presentation was to provide facts on the roles of the hospital when they brought Igwetu for urgent medical attention.

This is likely to be an overestimation since expensive medical equipment and medicines are being imported and Thai hospitals tend to charge lower medical service fees than their counterparts in Singapore.

It is a multi-specialty hospital located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. People prefer traveling to developing countries for treatments in order to save cost.

Medical Tourism Market

The report covers forecast and analysis for the medical tourism market on a global and regional level. The study provides historical data from to along with a forecast from to based on revenue (USD Billion).

A MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey found that Latin America and Asia are the two leading regions for medical travel. A MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey found that Mexico and India respectively have the highest demand for medical tourism.

Medical tourism in Asia for business travellers with a guide to hospitals, by Libby Peacock, and more from Smart Travel Asia, and Dancing Wolf Media. Medical tourism is a high-growth industry driven by globalization and rising healthcare costs in developed countries.

People prefer traveling to developing countries for treatments in order to save cost. In a just released report issued by VISA and Oxford Economics, the Medical Tourism industry was projected to growth up to 25% year-over-year for the next 10 years as an estimated three to four percent of the world’s population will travel internationally for healthcare and health-related treatment.

The effects of medical tourism: Thailand’s experience Anchana NaRanong a & Viroj NaRanong b. a. School of Public Administration, National Institute of Development Administration, Sereethai Road, Klong Chan, Bangkapi, Bangkok,Thailand.

Medical tourism report
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