Final project report on chapter six

Neither potential opportunities associated with joint development nor revenue tools such as business levies and development charges were discussed during the market sounding.

Vegetation Diversity within 0. However, of the species of interest, only paper birch and sugar maple were common enough to be recorded in abundance. To date, the project is considered an excellent example of on-time, cost-effective infrastructure delivery in Europe; project complexity is relatively low, however, due to the absence of a need for tunnels and the largely greenfield construction.

They are recorded on the 1: All distances were measured in meters. In a DBB, although the private sector remains involved in delivering components of the project and is paid by the government for work completed, it is not often involved in financing the project.

All respondents indicated a strong interest in having a role in the project under the right conditions and were keen to be kept engaged as the project advances. Surveyors only mapped what they could see from their survey lines, which followed section lines in a one-mile square grid. It was emphasized that this reluctance flows from HSR systems not having an established revenue stream and existing traffic patterns.

Under the AFP model the private-sector consortium arranges for its own project financing. Cost to Government Market respondents articulated clearly and unanimously that they saw no scenario where the private sector would finance and deliver a turnkey HSR solution funded solely by projected ridership.

High values indicate a variety of resources within a larger, but still easily accessible, area. One key characteristic of this vegetation type is that, to develop fully, it requires protection from fire.

Big Woods would have provided hunter-gatherers with food, fuel, and shelter. The variables derived are not listed in Table 6. The focus was on recording the cultural features, roads and trails, vegetation, and wild rice sites.

Distance to Roads and Trails: Another influencing factor will be the number of other projects underway at the same time, since how much market capital is available for any one project depends on how much is already tied up in other projects.

This hardwood species produces large beans that could have been a valuable food source where they were available. The analyses show that added pavement life is obtained by achieving a higher level of initial smoothness over the range of Initial smoothness values that were available for analysis.

Subsequent to the construction contracts, separate contracts can be issued for operations, maintenance, and rolling stock. The following section outlines potential funding tools that warrant further consideration.

Government had to assume project delivery following lower-than-projected traffic outcomes for HS1; government was eventually able to recuperate some costs through an operating concession model after ridership and revenue levels were established.

The high resolution digital soil maps for these counties had only rudimentary attributes, usually simply a soil map unit code. The understory may have been shrubby or grassy.

Transportation routes tend to follow least-cost paths. These were considered significant strategic decisions related to the delivery of HSR in Ontario and participants made clear that these are prerequisites for private-sector involvement in the project.

This information is summarized in table Permeability of the subsurface may limit soil drainage to the extent that the surface layer is not well drained, though it might have a high permeability rating. This is partly to ensure that more detailed design is completed before the construction is tendered as the risks of price escalation when this is not done have been seen as unacceptably high.

Additionally, a subjective scale of suitability for archaeological sites was developed based on the soil textural classes. Consequently, this variable was not used in Phase 3.

Visibility would have been higher in grasslands, so they were not as defensible as woodlands. Phase 1, for example, covers the km distance from Anaheim to San Francisco.

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Although it is important to begin to consider financing and delivery models that could be applied to HSR, design and cost certainty cannot be known or understood until completion of the pre-design, assessment of the technical planning work and initiation of the EA process.

The AFP model aims to bring together private- and public-sector expertise in a structure that transfers some project risks e. References 1 Roll, M. Consequently, these data should be considered a sample, not a census, of historic cultural features. Land Value Capture The general premise of land value capture LVC is that improved connectivity generated by new transit or transportation services increases land and development value around station areas.

Station Retail and Parking A number of respondents were interested in the potential for retail opportunities at HSR stations, suggesting that the Province could offer separate contracts for retail concourses, parking lots, air rights, and other ancillary businesses at HSR stations, for example, recouping costs by selling these rights to the private sector.

MGC provides a coarse resolution map of organic soils, but not all of these may still be considered hydric. These data have serious limitations. Finally, in grasslands, people would have been more exposed to wind, precipitation, and fire.

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Final Environmental Impact Statement/ Page Environmental Impact Report Chapter 6 COST AND PERFORMANCE CONSIDERATIONS AND SUMMARY The project expects to enter final design by spring after the Record of Decision (ROD), which is expected by winter Chapter 6 Cost and Performance Considerations.

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Chapter 6: Financing and Delivery

The Major changes in BAPCO.

Final project report on chapter six
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High Speed Rail in Ontario: Final Report (Chapter 6)